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Kate & Geoff Pannell, Inman Valley, South Australia
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2010 News Archive PDF Print E-mail

Weekend Shows

2010 is rolling by so quickly and has been a busy year for the children and ponies at Lanyon.

Nick our son who turned 9 this year had a burning ambition to ride a the Royal Adelaide Show this year along with his Mum and Dad so most weekends over the winter saw the Pannell family up early and off to whatever Show happened to be on that weekend.

Making the transition from Topsy Encourage Ring to EA Ring was a big step up and we all learnt a lot on the way.

Nick's best girl Peace has been with him every step of the way enabling to Nick to gain confidence from Peace's experience.

Highlights have included Nick and Peace winning their first Champion Rider and Champion Pony.

Another highlight was Nick and Peace winning 2 firsts in their pony classes at Wentworth Ag Show and gaining qualies for the 2011 Royal.

Royal Adelaide Show

The first day of the Royal Adelaide Show and The Lanyon Riding Club Section 4 Team and the 2 show ponies were carefully loaded into the truck and off we went to once again compete in the Secion 4s.

The team training this year had been challenging with wet conditions, 3 new horses, and the seemingly impossible task of matching timetables of 4 busy people in order to train. Geoff,Tony, Caitlen and myself were aiming just to get around without any major embarrassments ( like stopping or falling off).

The day was flagged as an extreme weather condition day with wind, storms and rain and unfortunately for us the weather forecast was spot on for a change.

The heavens opened and the wettest ever Adelaide Show began.

Well fortunately for us all those wet training sessions saw us in good stead as our horses flew around like MACHINES giving us an unexpected 2nd place. We were so proud of our handsome brave ranga boys.

The second round felt pretty good but we were pushed out of the placings by some really tidy work from some of the other teams.

Next year we'll really be angling for the blue.

RAS Sections in the Rain

For the next 4 days Nick and I stayed on at the show and competed in the pony classes -Minty and me, rider classes Nick and Peace.

We learnt heaps about show pony preparation and also discovered that really nice,fun people did hacking. Who knew!!

Our ponies were awesome and took the crazy atmosphere in their stride. We were really happy with the way they worked.

ARS Nick Peace

Minty Kate


Big Thank Yous To...

Caitlen for her tireless commitment to training for the section 4s when she should have been studying for her phD. LOVE your priorities!

Tony for his commitment to training for the section 4s and for helping to get the Section 4 horses home on the night of the TRUCK TRIP FROM HELL.(Karryn and Michael too.)

Alex for starting Blaze in his Section 4 training and for Blaze's makeover although we know that Blaze will never be as gorgeous as George.

Abie and Belinda for their help behind the scenes and for providing their sense of humour (We laugh with, not at.Truly)

Kerry for providing her haven of a comfortable bed and hot shower during the show.


New Arrival at Lanyon

18th Sept 2010

Lena Foal















Lena became the proud mother of a black colt.

Sired by Wayne and Amanda's Lipizzaner stallion.

How cute is he.


2009 News Archive